A walnut oil that made
the story of the

Paillard Chervier family.

It all started in 1898, when Abel PAILLARD, in a small Bourbonnais village in Lapalisse, began to produce walnut oil. He will therefore become a master cruet and for almost 30 years, he watches, he prints his paw. To produce a quality oil, everything is a question of time, only, for him, the material deserves respect… “The oil mill of Lapalisse” knew how to preserve this artisanal know-how which makes the excellence of oils for more than 118 years old.
presse artisanale

Over 118 years of sharing the same authenticity,

oil first, always oil …

The reputation of the Lapalisse oil mill was built around its exceptional walnut oil and this heritage passed down through the same family from generation to generation. The Huilerie de Lapalisse reaffirms its attachment to the ancestral know-how of its founder. Even today, she advocates respect for tradition and the quest for taste in order to develop a palette of flavors where nature is a sign of elegance. She masters a gourmet repertoire, signed Abel PAILLARD, which takes you on an exceptional olfactory and taste journey.

Abel Paillard,

more than a brand, a signature.

The result of a new dynamic vision, diversity and harmony from a past rich in meaning. Thus was born ABEL PAILLARD oil: A range of virgin, fine, organic, flavored and special oils, meeting your expectations while preserving all the nutritional virtues of the fruit and the aromas of artisanal oils.
More than 35 references, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, sesame, coconut … come out of our workshops every day, with the desire to provide you with a safe product of constant quality. Thus we carry out analyzes at each stage of manufacture, upon receipt of fruits and seeds, during production and before shipment.
Fruity, full-bodied, delicate, spicy, Abel PAILLARD oils are a source of flavors and nutritional benefits that allow seasonings and tastes to be varied, allowing all culinary combinations likely to awaken the taste buds.


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